PWC provides a wide range of interventions to ensure that, there is a holistic intervention in lives of destitute women and children. By saying so, PWC provide the following activities:

Access to education and life skills training

 PWC partners with needy schools in Africa to empower them from grassroots level such as improving learning environments by renovating schools which are in bad conditions (in areas of war conflicts) to ensure that, destitute children are given an ideal and humane learning environment like any other child. In this process, we renovate schools, providing decent toilets and even running water to the benefit of destitute  children

PWC provide direct educational support to destitute children in order to facilitate an easy learning environment for destitute children such as: provision of school uniforms, stationary, school bags and shoes. This is because, some children are in a difficult situation and parents cannot afford these basic needs, hence, our intervention is always of utmost importance to these destitute children.

PWC provides skills training programme to destitute women and youth in agriculture, pedicure and manicure, massages and makeup, woodwork, plumbing and house electrical. This activity provides a platform to empower destitute women and youths to become self-sustainable in life and create employment for themselves in order to better their living conditions and that of their families.

Reintegration of former children soldiers into mainstream society

This particular programme focuses mostly war-torn zones of Africa with special emphasis in the great lakes region whereby, there were children forcibly recruited to join armed militia groups when they are demobilised to join mainstream lives, they are often left on their own with no specific programme for their reintegration in mainstream society as the result, this causes lot of fear to the society in general. PWC in this regard, introduced this programme to provide a platform that will holistically integrate former children soldiers into the mainstream society but also making them to become responsible members of the society and contribute to the advancement of a better society.

Advocacy and lobbying programme for victims of witchcraft allegations in Africa and child protection

The Great Lakes Region is at the centre children being accused of witchcraft and these children are highly marginalised and extremely abuse and many of them succumb to their abuses and lose lives. According to studies we have conducted, we realised that, poverty is at the root cause of all these allegation and ill-treatments to children. We at PWC believe that, these children are falsely accused and become victims of false accusations. In this regard, through this programme, we intensify our campaigns and community sensitisations to ensure that, child protection remains at the centre stage of our intervention to ensure that, no child is become victim of abuse at all cost.