The Programme for the Well-being of Children (PWC) is an international humanitarian, a peace building and social welfare organization focusing on the plight and well-being of destitute children and vulnerable women in Africa. The organization started in 2006 to provide much needed support and assistance to destitute children and women in Africa. Since its inception PWC continues to provide much needed interventions to destitute children and women in our society by providing needed services to our people with compassion and love.

Vision and Mission of PWC

Our vision is the enhancement of the well-being and the preservation of the dignity of vulnerable children.

Our mission is to support vulnerable children with their material, psychological and human rights needs for their optimal functioning within their society.

PWC currently operates in four (4)  countries within the African Continent which are: South Africa, DR Congo , south Sudan and Burundi by providing much needed services and assistance to destitute women and children victims of conflicts in war zone.

However, we would like to indicate that our scope of work is not necessarily limited to the above-mentioned countries only. We in this regard want to indicate that, PWC is an organisation of continental stature and we are ready to operate whenever the need occurs within the African continent provided that there is financial capacity to carry on what is needed on the ground.